Eugenie Undoyeneza

Eugenie Undoyeneza Student

“ Assistive devices helped me to become more confident and independent in my studies and daily activities. Having now in our country an organization that deals particularly with Assistive Technology, is really a great thing.” Eugenie Undoyeneza , 25 years old is a visually impaired girl who lost her sight when she was 15 years old due to an illness. This year, she has been admitted to start her university studies at the University of Rwanda in the faculty of development studies.

Jean Bosco Mugiraneza

Jean Bosco Mugiraneza Worked

“ Assistive Technology (AT) is still an unknown thing in our country and as a person with a disability, it’s really not easy to cope with life without AT. I am among few persons with disabilities in Rwanda who got a chance to use some of the ATs like braille, screen reader which help me to attend the school, complete my studies and it opened me to different opportunities including getting a job which also proved me that disability is not inability. I am ready to help other persons with disabilities to have access to them.” Married with 2 children, Jean Bosco Mugiraneza, our current Vice President, is a graduate teacher who is a visually impaired guy. He has worked for different organizations in Rwanda, managing different projects regarding advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities.


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